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Our driving goal at Yakima Branding is to provide superior customer service by providing the best solutions for clients and communicating clearly and effectively.  I specialize in helping businesses grow through better utilization of the Internet to generate leads and increase visibility.  

As a Certified Advertising Professional and trained Search Engine Optimization expert, I work with our talented team to find opportunities for increasing online branding, lead generation opportunities, and overall return on investment through better web strategies.

I started our Internet Marketing business in 2003 after 20 years in high-tech management and operations.  I bring a unique blend of business background including an MBA, senior management experience, and advanced marketing skills to businesses of all sizes.  We look forward to working with you!

Some FAQs

Why did you go into Internet Marketing?

In 2003, the Internet was still young!  We were moving past dial-up, Google was just getting started, Yahoo was a big deal, and laptops didn’t really exist.  But the future was obvious – the Internet was the place to be.  I wanted to start my own company to help clients grow by using this new technology.  It’s been an amazing ride and is really just getting started!

What is your management philosophy?

We do all we can to help the customer.  We try to educate our customers as to what we think are the best steps and methods to help them achieve their goals.  We do not chase the latest technologies.  In fact, we may be slower to latch onto the next “rocket” than other agencies but we do that so we understand how something works….best.  

What motivates you?

I enjoy talking to customers who put their faith in us to help them grow.  Honestly, some are concerned and nervous.  That is understandable!  The Internet can be a scary place.  But our systems and tools are time-tested as best practices.  We follow up, we communicate, and we admit when we screw up.  

What Internet Marketing technique or tool is best for my business?

That depends! There are benefits to each platform, depending on your industry, demographic, ideal customer and brand voice. It can be a mix of several! Each platform delivers to a specific group, so please reach out so we can determine which platform will deliver you the best results!

With your experience, are you more expensive than other Agencies?

That depends too.  We are different in that we do not try to be the cheapest Agency.  We trust our systems and services as we can show using real data that our systems work…and they have worked…for years.  In fact, we don’t talk about prices until we understand what you are looking for.  It is not about what you are paying, it is about what we can make for you.  Low pricing is forgotten once you get the deal.  Low performance is felt for a long time.  

How Can We Help?

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