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Google ads

Google Advertising

Most business owners just don’t have the time to correctly manage their Google Ads, which leads to unproductive, expensive campaigns…or turning off the ads altogether.

We have been managing Google Ad campaigns for businesses since 2005, and they don’t look anything like they did, that’s for sure. Even if a manager does access their ads daily, they are not likely finding all of the new features (and challenges) that Google has in their Advertising platform.

Powerful tools poorly managed usually don’t provide powerful results. By allowing YB to manage your campaigns, setting up ad groups, finding (and removing) the right keywords, you will see results. We are constantly in touch with Google Ads Support teams who help us with new ideas and optimization implementation.

Advertise the Right Keywords…

Small or large budgets can benefit from advertising for the right keywords with the right messaging, right website and best implementation.

If you are currently advertising on Google, ask us for a Campaign Review! If you aren’t but are thinking of starting, contact YB today to learn more!

NEW Performance Max Video Ads

Looking to take your video advertising to the next level? Performance Max Video Ads may be just what you need. These ads are designed to help you maximize your performance, by delivering higher quality video viewership and engagement. In addition, they can also help you reach a wider audience, through targeted placements on top websites and apps. If you’re looking to get the most out of your video advertising budget, Performance Max Video Ads is definitely worth considering.

See Full Performance Max Video Gallery

Our Google Ads Services Include:

  • Full Setup for Search (and Display) for clients without Ad history or looking to start over

  • A full review of an existing account for improvements that might be available without starting over

  • Keyword Research

  • Ads Setup, along with lots of other Setup items!

  • Landing Page recommendations / updates (if you’ll let us!)

  • Frequent performance reviews + updates based on your goals

  • Recommendations and reporting monthly, or more frequently based on your needs

  • Tweaks, updates and additions based on performance

Other Google Ads Services:

  • Website Updates / Landing Page Creation

  • Content writing

  • Call Tracking – we partner with Local IQ and Call Rail

  • Display Ad creation and modifications

  • Competitive reviews – how do you match up against your competition?


Is SEO or PPC right for your business? Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising offers immediate visibility and control over ad placement but requires continuous investment, while Search Engine Optimization (SEO) aims for organic, sustainable traffic growth over time with a focus on content quality and relevance.

Get in touch with YB Marketing to learn more!

What Can We Do For You?

Call now or submit an online request for a full review of your existing Google Ads setup or let’s get started fresh!

How Can We Help?

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