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Social media marketing

Social Media Management and Growth Plans

Social Media planning and execution for businesses involve more than just posting on Facebook and Instagram to your followers.  In fact, most businesses have on average 190 followers.   Without a growth plan in place, they are blasting posts to the same people all the time!  Probably not increasing sales.  Without a plan for growing your followers, like advertising, even more frequent posting is not likely to generate more business!

We work to GROW the number of followers (thus a “GROWTH PLAN”!).  With planned, targeted messages, friendly / fun / informative posts based on your personality and those of your followers, we connect AND GROW to generate more followers on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn….to GROW YOUR BUSINESS.

With a dedicated Program Manager, planned monthly calendars based on goals and personas, regular communications and great ads that will grow your followers, Yakima Branding provides a unique Social Media GROWTH plan to make your business POP on Social Media.

LinkedIn GROWTH for Professionals

As a professional, such as sales, consulting, or a company seeking B2B contacts, LinkedIn is the right place to grow!   YB offers a unique LinkedIn Professional Account Growth Plan, reaching out to targeted business owners, managers or other titles in geographic areas of your choice to grow your followers.  We also create content so you don’t have to.  Ask about our LinkedIn Growth Plan!

What is included


Creative schedule with the right mix of content

Amazing Content

We’ll create impressive images and fitting text with essential keywords

Great Posts

Posted content that attracts attention

Ads That Work

Extend your reach, build your audience!

Reach a Wider Audience

How Can We Help?

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