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Elevate Your Law Firm’s Lead Generation ROI With Digital Marketing

In a crowded marketing landscape, we stand out as more than just experts—we are your trusted partners. Our unwavering focus on specialization sets us apart. By exclusively serving six core legal practice areas—Bankruptcy, Criminal Defense, Estate Planning, Family Law, Immigration, and Personal Injury—we ensure that our understanding of law firm marketing goes beyond the surface. Our personalized approach nurtures and expands your business, driving success beyond expectations.

Our comprehensive marketing plans can help you drive leads through Google and achieve an effective ROI for your practice.

How Can We Help?

Personalized Audit

It all starts with a free audit of your website and marketing channels.

Improve Visibility in Google’s Search by Implementing an SEO Campaign

SEO helps your website rank higher in search engine results.

Google Ads
Drive Immediate Business by Running a Professional Ad Campaign

Reach new customers, drive traffic, and increase revenue.

Update Existing Website to Follow Best Practices

Your website is the digital face of your law firm.


“In a marketing landscape where some firms prioritize sales over client revenue, we take a different path. We embrace your Return on Investment (ROI) as the foundation of our client experience. Our industry-leading system ensures transparent ROI insights EVERY MONTH. Client feedback attests to our accessibility, unwavering focus on your bottom line, and commitment to setting new standards in the industry.”

We develop the best plan to fit your goals and your budget. Let our services evolve with you as your practice evolves. Create a pipeline for short-term clients and develop a path for a steady stream of clients over time. Small practices or large ones, Digital Marketing is the Number 1 way to drive leads next to warm referrals.

Your ROI and Time, are important to us. We don’t just promise results; we actually deliver them.

Business Law Attorney Case Study

“Yakima Branding designed my website, host it and maintains the SEO as well as adding the website to relevant directories. They are good at targeting the right clients for my business, without having to wade throuhg too many weeds. They have been great to work with. The high-quality services I receive from them are the reason for my website’s success.”

Business Law Attorney Case Study

15000% increase in Natural Search Visitors in 3 Years within a highly competitive environment.