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Silicon Valley electronic manufacturing company (EMS) had financing and a talented team of engineers were seeking to grow into their own facility rather than engineering solutions but outsourcing them to local companies. We met them at this early stage of their growth, and after review of their website and initial digital marketing efforts, suggested starting small as their marketing budget was also small.


We started by scrubbing their website, working to make it more user friendly. There was no budget for a rebuild at the start, but if we were to drive traffic to the site, understanding this company’s capabilities was vitally important.

Once the site was set up for user flow, we initiated highly targeted Google AdWords ads for specialized services, and those seeking quick turns and hands-on support. Essentially, we were bootstrapping our SEM efforts by generating new business to get more business on the web.

Later as the business evolved into its dedicated office and manufacturing space, we rebuilt the site, added a blog, and developed SEO presence. The company continued to grow, consuming more of the building they were in with new private financing made avail- able by their unique services and continued growth.


Definitely budget limited at the start, we optimized our time by focusing only on tasks to get them going. Over time, the ad budget increased 10X, we expanded our SEO and Ad efforts into other parts of the US, seeking new hardware developers in other states. They are now able to handle business with much larger production runs, and still maintain their established position as experts in new materials development and engineering quick-turns with design for manufacturability.



in One Year



in One Year

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