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5 Major Myths about Social Media

Depending on your industry, and we will dig further into this in our next blog- there are specific platforms that will align better with your product or service…

1) Your Customers Aren’t Using Social Media

Have you had a chance to read our previous blog, on the Evolution of Social Media? (Read Here) If so, you’ll know that there is a diverse and vast variety of platforms to choose from. There are 4.48 BILLION people on social media ( Therefore, odds are your customers ARE on social media, at least one of the platforms. Depending on your industry, and we will dig further into this in our next blog- there are specific platforms that will align better with your product or service. Getting your information out there not only is helpful for current customers but can open the opportunity to be discovered by new customers.

According to LinkedIn, 41% of people over the age of 65, are active on Facebook. The number rises to 65% for the age group 50-64. The numbers continue to increase as the age decreases, meaning your customers are positively, on social media.

2) You Need to Start Posting on All Social Platforms

There are platforms that will align to your brand and age group best. Signing up and jumping into them all at once, will be a waste of time. It will become overwhelming and cause you to build an annoyance with posting, therefore usually will have a negative effect. Social Media is fun, you have the chance to connect with your audience, create your brand, engage with your community. Decide what platform(s) you align with best for your brand and take the time to have fun with your posts, instead of jumping in and potentially burning out. For example, Yakima Branding mostly focuses on Facebook (Yakima Branding | Facebook) and Instagram (Yakima Branding (@yakimabranding) • Instagram photos and videos)

3) Your Focus Should Be Your Customers

This sounds like I shouldn’t be calling this a myth, right? Here’s why it is; Your posts should cater to your business and a potential for expanding business. If you focus on your customers, you leave little room for outside growth on social media. You will just be talking to the same people every day who may or may not use your service a few times a year (depending on your industry, of course) Your posts should be aimed towards growth and engaging new eyes. Creating content worth sharing, as shared posts get in front of many new eyes!

4) Social Media is Completely Free

Sure, the app itself is free. The profile you create is free. But being successful on social media is not free. There are expenses when deciding to run a professional social media page. While social media marketing remains one of the most affordable ways to generate leads, the costs associated should be taken into account;
1. Paying an employee or social media marketing team to manage your social media. As a business owner, you wear many hats and have little time to invest in creating social media content, or you aren’t up to date with technology and don’t feel comfortable handling your own social platforms. Having a designated person that dedicates their time to not only creating content but engaging and providing the analytics is beneficial but comes at a price!
2. Boosted Advertised posts; you share a post but want to expand to more than just your typical followers. Say you are running a special or are looking to grow your social media followers. You will “boost” a post. Boosted posts run at a budget of your choosing, per day. The more you pay, the more eyes you will be in front of, and more clicks you will receive! The more clicks you receive, the more business you will get! It’s a numbers game.

5) Your Posts Should Stick to the Workweek

Something that many businesses do, is they stick to their work hour posting. While there are plenty of people sitting at their office desks, scrolling Instagram at work, there are twice as many scrolling when they’re off work. This will help you remain consistent and reach even more eyes. Posting at various times is helpful too, to reach a variety of eyes and schedules. Many people are occupied during the workweek, as well. Weekends allow you to also be seen during someone’s downtime, when they have more energy and not as much on their plate and can absorb your information better.



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