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So, You’re Thinking about Social Media Management?

I see you, the busy business owner, wearing multiple hats. You take care of the everyday tasks, you make the decisions, you are involved 24/7 and working hard! Social media is just another task on your plate. Maybe you have delegated this task to a handy employee, one of your children, or you attempt to manage it yourself.

An Introvert’s Guide to Using Social Media

As a business owner or business professional, social media is a demanding place. You must put yourself out there, create content and stick to a predictable schedule. This can feel like a full-time job within itself!

Which Social Media Platform Should You Focus On?

Focusing on the one or two social media platforms that align most with your business will not only help you attract your target audience but will be more authentic for your brand.

Common Social Media Mistakes Every Business Should Avoid

Today’s consumers use social media throughout the buying journey..

Grow Your Social Media vs. Managing It | Social Media Best Practices

What does each mean and where do they fit in your marketing strategy?

Types of Facebook Ads

There isn’t a one size fits all approach to Facebook ads.

5 Major Myths about Social Media

Depending on your industry, and we will dig further into this in our next blog- there are specific platforms that will align better with your product or service…

Five Social Media Post Ideas, For When You’re in a Rut

Creating a high quality social media post that your followers want to engage with is a lot more difficult than it might seem.

What is a Hashtag?

You may be familiar with #hashtags, they are commonly used on social media to help announce target words and grab users’ attention.

6 Ways to Increase your Social Media Followers

Having a social media plan is one thing, but do you ever feel like you’re just speaking to the same people each time you post?



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