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Five Social Media Post Ideas, For When You’re in a Rut

Creating a high quality social media post that your followers want to engage with is a lot more difficult than it might seem.

Creating a high quality social media post that your followers want to engage with is a lot more difficult than it might seem. It’s easy to just throw together some thoughts or images and hope that it leaves a mark on your audience, but will that mark be a positive one? We have done the groundwork and research for you.

Here are five high quality content ideas for you to share with your followers to increase engagement:

1. Share photos of your employees at work

People like to see behind the scenes, it personalizes your brand. Too often we deal with electronic communications and that can remove your company’s personal touch. Reminding your audience about who you are, what you look like and that you’re just normal people behind the screens is appealing to customers.

2. Promote company accomplishments

An employee of the month, a new certificate, a goal that was reached; share your celebrations! Your followers will congratulate your successes and better understand the expertise and hard work your staff puts into their work. This is a great way to promote company growth, showcase qualifications and bring viewers along to be a part of the celebration.

3. Show the action behind the scenes

What’s more exciting than seeing behind the scenes of your favorite brands? Giving a peek into your process for creating a new product allows viewers to feel more engaged with your brand. Some examples might include:

  • A box opening for your newest product
  • Prepare a delicious new dish from your menu
  • Share an innovative inventory process
  • Demonstrate a step by step overview of how new products are integrated into inventory

4. Q & A

Your customers WILL have questions – answering their questions about your products, services, employees, and more allows them to get their most common questions answered easily. It also reduces your workload, making public the information that you spend too much time repeating! This is a great way to generate engagement with your audience and allows you to speak directly with them!

5. Testimonials

Sharing a positive review from a customer shows your followers that you provide great service and great products. It tells your audience that you’re a reputable company and are following through with the promises you make. Proof that you have a great service reputation or that someone is enjoying your product helps skeptical prospects make the decision to try your product/service.

Try any of these 5 posts when you’re in a rut and create better engagement with your audience. These simple methods will demonstrate that your brand is reputable, responsive to customers/clients and shows them who YOU are and what makes your company unique. This will help you create engagement on both Facebook and Instagram!



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