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So, You’re Thinking about Social Media Management?

I see you, the busy business owner, wearing multiple hats. You take care of the everyday tasks, you make the decisions, you are involved 24/7 and working hard! Social media is just another task on your plate. Maybe you have delegated this task to a handy employee, one of your children, or you attempt to manage it yourself.

You know you need to be active and in front of your customers, but you don’t know how often, what type of content to share, or even which pictures look good enough to post. You share an iPhone picture of a product, throw on some hashtags and call it done.

As the posts go by, you see little engagement, and you start to wonder if it’s even worth the time it takes to angle the product *just right* for your pictures. Occasionally, after an event, you realize you totally forgot to make a post about it. Sometimes, you check your platforms and wonder about what is being posted and realize the quality just isn’t there. Worry no more, busy businessman/woman!

At Yakima Branding, we understand the day to day stresses that come with being a small-midsize business owner. We connect with these folks daily, over phone calls, texts, emails and even lunch/dinner catch-ups. Recently, we sat down with Rob, owner of the local Yakima gym Achieve Fitness, to ask him some questions that you might also have.

1. What was the biggest problem your business faced, prior to having social media management?

The biggest obstacle we faced was not having a professional look to our posts. We were unable to highlight our promotions effectively. Also, we lacked consistency, because of our busy schedule. Our posts weren’t converting into visits.

2. What was your biggest concern about hiring a third party to manage your social media accounts?

Our biggest concerns were the cost and being tied down to a contract. We have had negative experiences before, so we were worried about getting burned. We were also worried about credibility or reliability.

3. Did those concerns hold up?

We were pleased that we didn’t have to sign a contract to get started. And we need only to give one month’s notice to suspend the service, so we aren’t held to anything long term. This really takes the pressure off! Yakima Branding has been reliable and consistent as well, which is a relief. All we need to do is take and share more photos, and our posts are so professional that it looks like we are a huge business!

4. Have you received positive feedback since hiring Yakima Branding to manage your social media?

Yes! People have noticed, and we really appreciate the consistency. There is a great amount of variety that highlights all our different programs. The posts look very professional, and they are all informational. The volume and frequency of visits to our gym have increased, we have substantially more foot traffic!

Talking with Rob at Achieve Fitness and feeling the love and passion that he pours into his business, his customers, and his community, educating all on the importance of health, is inspiring. This is why we love being able to take one more task off his plate, so he can focus on his craft.

We love helping clients highlight important achievements, events, and specials, and share information that clients and prospective customers may have otherwise missed. When we schedule your social media posts for the following month, we look at the big picture. We’ll ask you about what is happening that month, if your hours may change on holidays, and for you to tell us about anything that’s changing or growing so we can let your customers know what’s going on. These aren’t spur of the moment posts, they’re carefully crafted with your business in mind.

If you think social media management could benefit your business, help you share professional content consistently, and give you more time to focus on what you do best, reach out to our social media experts today!



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