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Which Social Media Platform Should You Focus On?

Focusing on the one or two social media platforms that align most with your business will not only help you attract your target audience but will be more authentic for your brand.

It can be difficult to use social media as a business tool, but done properly, it can be beneficial for a magnitude of reasons. As you may have previously read in our 5 Major Myths about Social Media blog it’s not the best idea to try and tackle all the platforms at once. Focusing on the one or two that align most with your business will not only help you attract your target audience but will be more authentic for your brand. This post is intended to help you determine which platforms might align best with your brand!


If you have an ideal customer profile that you are looking to connect with – they are probably on Facebook. According to ‘Quantum Marketer’, Facebook currently has over 1 billion daily users. A wide variety of people (51% of teenagers, 69% of adults) use this platform, which makes it advantageous for almost any industry! Facebook will allow you to connect with your customer base, boost posts that you want to be seen outside of your friend group, share images and videos, and build interactions to help grow brand awareness! At any given moment, there are 1.3 billion active Facebook users!


Instagram is a great platform for those who are in an industry that can produce images and videos from their work. Some examples include real estate, clothing, makeup, automotive, athletics, and so much more. Keep in mind that the average Instagram user is between 25-35 years old! Using the ‘story feature’, you can share an image or video for 24 hours that viewers can tap through. You can post on your own account for customers to view and comment on, in which you can directly answer questions, address any issues, or simply thank your loyal customers!


Often used for branding purposes, Twitter is great for larger companies with a larger social media following. Twitter is intended for sharing trending world topics, politics, events, and for spreading popular information quickly to your fanbase. With a 280 character count, twitter posts are meant to be short and sweet, but should be frequent and engaging.


If your customer base is young, Snapchat might be perfect for your business! 60% of users on snapchat are under 25 years old. Snapchat is a great tool for video posts and connecting with your customer base, especially if you have high quality editing capabilities that can make your ad look professional. Another great way to advertise your brand is to purchase and create a snapchat filter that showcases your brand to all users!

Now you can see that social media platforms can vary from industry to industry based on age, gender and type of content shared on each platform. Choosing a platform that aligns best with your brand and products/service will help you get the most engagement with your targeted audience. Trying to master all these platforms at once can lead to burn out, and wasted time and money!



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