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6 Ways to Increase your Social Media Followers

Having a social media plan is one thing, but do you ever feel like you’re just speaking to the same people each time you post?

Having a social media plan is one thing, but do you ever feel like you’re just speaking to the same people each time you post? Gaining followers seems difficult and time consuming, however, it’s a lot easier than you’d think! We did the research and are sharing 6 proven ways to gain more social media followers.

Engage with your followers

Ask your followers questions, invite an open conversation, comment on their social media posts. Those extra personal touches go a long way to show that your business has a personal side they can connect with. People want to support those who they feel a connection with. What better way to connect than using your social media accounts to reach out to those who follow you and show them your support?

Post content worth sharing

Want to attract new eyes? One of the best ways of doing so is by getting your current followers to share your content. This will greatly increase the visibility of your content and when people like what they see, they’ll want to follow along. Create posts that are engaging, informative and entertaining, and you’ll get those shares!


Choosing hashtags that are relevant to your post and fit into specific genres will help users find your content. Those who search on a specific hashtag will naturally come across your post. Using hashtags correctly is a game changer in growing your social media followers.

Build a partnership with a campaign

Getting others involved will help their followers to find you. Gain new connections using giveaways, by collaborating with influencers, hosting pop-ups, and running contests with great prizes. These are proven strategies to gain interest from users who don’t already follow you. Popular giveaways are a great way to ask for a follow, as an entry into a chance to win. Contests that use hashtags as an entry are always a great way to quickly spread your post. Influencers typically share their love for your brand (for a fee) to be quickly found by their followers.

Add your social media accounts to your business cards

Business cards and email signatures are a great way to get your social media handles in front of new eyes. This is an easy way to share your information and naturally, they’ll be curious to check out your content. Just make sure that your content looks professional! There’s also no shame in directly asking your new connections to follow you on social media, maybe even ask for a follow trade! This is a great tactic to keep your numbers growing.

Promote your posts

Both Facebook and Instagram have capabilities to ‘boost’ your post. These advertising tools can take your social media post and share it to users in your demographic. You can select the geographic area where you want your posts shown, so when users in that location are scrolling the web, your post will pop up. If you boost a well-created post, chances are people will like what they see and want to follow your page for more content!

Now that we have shared these 6 ways to gain more followers, you should also understand that undertaking these steps without professional, well-crafted, and scheduled posts can be a waste of time. Users will go to your page, see your content, and decide if they like it or not before pressing ‘follow’.

If you are unsure whether you have created follow-worthy content or want help creating an aesthetic that matches your brand, reach out to our social media management team for help!



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